Bucharest Majestic Hotel

An iconic hotel of Bucharest. Over 100 years of tradition.

  • 1700+


    The place on which now are built both, the Majestic hotel and Odeon theatre, was in the 17th century, owned by the great boyar Demetrius Ghika. First written document, of a building on this area, is dated 1768.

  • 1807

    Costache Ban

    The boyar Costache inherits from Ghica boyars family in 1807 and, in 1813, is renting it to Ion Caragea.


  • 1816

    Ghika House

    Around 1816, Ioan Caragea has finished building the High Court and in the next period of time, is also renting the Slatineanu House, also used by High Court. According to desciptions, High Court of John Caradja also includes former Ghika House and auxiliary buildings, placed on the actual plots of Majestic Hotel and Odeon Theatre.

  • 1862

    Jacob N. Lahovari

    Ghika houses are bought in 1862 by Jacob N. Lahovari, which remains in the family possessions until nationalization.


  • 1911


    Majestic Hotel was designed by the architect Grigore P. Cerchez, former civil engineer, academic and Romanian architect but also former acting mayor of Bucharest. He is known to be one of the most fervent supporter and follower of the historicism current, which is the theory that social and cultural phenomena are determined by history. Graduate of the École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures from Paris and between 1876 and 1879, was the Chief Engineer of the capital. The Majestic Hotel was designed at the request of Emil Lahovary as an extension of the Comedy Theatre(actual Oden Theatre)

  • 1912

    Majestic Hotel

    For almost 3 decades, the building is used as a a hotel, under the name of Majestic Hotel, being one of the most appreciated places, for architectural reasons and not only, from Victoriei Boulevard.


  • 1944

    Victoriei Boulevard bombardment

    Many Victoriei Boulevard structures, are bombed on 24th and 25th of August 1944, at the end of the Second World War by Luftwaffe(german Air Force), main target being Bucharest Telephone Palace. The shells destroyed or damaged, like Ministry of Internal Affairs(Ministry of Administration and Interior), Ministry of Propaganda, Herdan’s Mill, Government and many others. The projectiles also didn’t spare Royal Palace, Romanian Athaneum, National Theatre and other important, iconic building of Romania.

  • 1945

    The building shelters artists and stage props

    Because of the recent bombings upon National Theatre, the building shelters artists and stage props.


  • 1960

    Out of use

    In the years 1960, Majestic Hotel is idle and this situation is maintained until the beginning of 1970.

  • 1970

    Modernized and restored

    At the beginning of the 1970, John Cosma, mayor of Bucharest, wishes to reinstate the Majestic Hotel in the iconic hotels of Bucharest. The Hotel is completely restored and reinforced, modernized and brought back into the touristic circuit. At that time, the hotel was still an extension of the Odeon Theatre.


  • 1993

    Modernized and restored again

    The hotel was upgraded to 4 stars, due to some modernizing and restoring procedures, made by LIDO S.C. and with the participation of the Turkish group Bayindir which invests over 7.5 millions USD. At that time, the hotel had 76 rooms. The rehabilitation and consolidation of building lasts from 1993 until 1996. In 1996, the First Lady of USA, was accommodated in the hotel.

  • 2005

    Bucharest Majestic Hotel

    Between 2000 and 2003, new investments and improvements, structural changes are made. The Hotel is completely restyled: a new adjacent building is acquired and new huge investments are made, worthing more than 5.5 millions USD.